Paul Nery
Paul Nery

Heart Of The Android

album: A Question Of Time
genre: Progressive Rock
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Written in Oct 10, 1974.Paul Nery: Rei 1966 guitar,Gianninni 1974 Craviola, Squier Strat w/GK2A pickup, Roland GR-09EX, GR-20 and VG-8, Korg i3, Yamaha...
Heart Of The Android
08/03/08 05:18:34PM @vesa:
Lovely sound..good synth, playing on them keys,- love your pausing, adds to a mystical kind of feel, cosmic conciouness of a music realm
co-existing with altering feeling of a spacey atmosphere, timeless. Love the guitar playing. Very meditative, most relaxing; like the nice changes to a uplifting motion. Very well thought out tune. Beautiful sounds. Great arranging Paul. Quite original & unique.
SUPERB!. -Your friend. -Vesa. (Thank you for the pleasure).

Rob Grant
08/03/08 11:04:21AM @rayon-vert:
Paul, GREAT to see you Back at MIX !! I REALLY love this Song.....GREAT PROG!!!

08/03/08 04:58:50AM @mike-lynn:
Nice instrumental with a strong glimpse of Camel & The Strawbs. The opening build-up is a bit slow but after the first minute everything turns interesting. The pace change at around the 3 min mark is also welcomed. Good work indeed.
08/03/08 12:33:28AM @zzaj:
Hi, Paul... GR8 to see you in here... this HITS THE SPOT for prog! Wonderful intro to a wonderfully built piece that is both warm and exciting at the same time! I give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all fans of the genre!
08/02/08 09:13:20PM @wrightdude:
Paul! so good to hear your music! its been a while! This is a fine offering! Classic 70's prog sensibilities on dispaly here! Well done! See you around the new mix!


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