Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Shot in the back as well as doin time

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Shot in the back as well as doin time
Paul rainbird
03/20/18 10:32:02AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Tricia for you kind comments
Tricia C
03/19/18 10:02:40AM @tricia-crawford:
I agree with Ron! Loving the grizzly vocals in this and it fits with the lyrics just right! I am a bit old fashioned too! I am a lyric junkie myself so I always notice those! Your lyrics paint a story indeed and cool! Great instrumentation and loving the bass! <3
Paul rainbird
03/18/18 11:46:43AM @paul-rainbird:
Cheers Ron !
03/17/18 09:38:25AM @ronbowes:
Cool down and dirty track with grizzly vocals.


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