Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

Gotta Play The Blues

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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Gotta Play The Blues
Paul rainbird
03/19/19 04:41:48AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank You Carol Sue🙂
carol sue
03/18/19 05:14:36PM @carol-sue:
You sure did play those blues, quite well I must say!
Hopefully your break from social media will be time spent
making more music. Your great at this!! *****

Paul rainbird
03/17/19 10:24:24AM @paul-rainbird:
Hey Ron How are you I've just been taking a break from social
media for a bit.🙂

Paul rainbird
03/17/19 10:22:02AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Frank😎
03/17/19 06:43:10AM @ronbowes:
Smokin' blues Paul. How are ya doin' mate? Got the blues?
Frank Northcutt
03/16/19 08:22:42PM @frank-northcutt:
Excellent, tasteful playing, Paul. Love the tone. The blues is a universal language. Nice work!
Paul rainbird
03/16/19 05:25:05AM @paul-rainbird:
Thanks Farrell and Tony Much appreciated 😎
tony cee
03/15/19 05:03:11PM @tony-cee:
nice tune paul , great rockin song love the guitar ,,,,cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
03/15/19 12:53:51PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool bluesy boogie Paul....some good guitar playing and vox...I dig those gtr harmonies and double leads !



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