Paul rainbird
Paul rainbird

The Liver Song

album: Unknown
genre: Rock
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The Liver Song
Paul rainbird
05/08/19 02:43:48AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Ron and Tony had fun putting it together!😎
tony cee
05/07/19 01:43:08PM @tony-cee:
nice rock song paul , love the lyrics , superb stuff //........tony cee
05/07/19 10:23:18AM @ronbowes:
I'll drink to that! Cool bit of rock 'n' roll boogie, Paul. :-)
Paul rainbird
05/07/19 02:40:53AM @paul-rainbird:
Thank you Carol Sue, Farrell, Ron for giving it a listen!
05/06/19 03:15:40PM @ron-dadey:
That was a fun song Paul.... gonna go pour a double now hahaha!!!!
Farrell Jackson
05/05/19 06:33:23PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool rockin' boogie Paul ! It even had my liver up and dancing and that was a feat because it was tired from the party last night, lol! Some great guitar here!


carol sue
05/05/19 11:39:22AM @carol-sue:
Such a cool, upbeat and clever rockin' tune!
I've never been a big alcohol drinker.. as one beer gets me drunk. haha!
Enjoyed your tune, Paul! ***** Cheers! hehe.. ;)


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