Paul Robert Thomas
Paul Robert Thomas

Falling Twins

album: Blues
genre: Blues
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  Song Lyrics
Falling Twins     You show your power To the trembling flowers As you scratch one more notch in your gun You're misunderstood Inside you're really good But...
Falling Twins
01/21/15 12:38:33AM @vig-wig:
Everything Larry said. Lots of emotion and the music moves wit the music like as line of zombies steadily closing in on you. The native Americans vocals were a good closeout. Fine job. Vic aka vig
09/02/10 07:16:40AM @miguel-a-wilder:
I really like this. Nice western swagger, vocals fit well with this style of track.

Good work

09/04/10 06:54:31PM @tlt50:
Outstanding lyrics... cool vocals....! For me... the production, music, mixing and arranging are awesome....!
Love the stereo spread..on this. Killar guitar work...!

wolf/Larry T

09/04/10 11:47:48PM @paul-robert-thomas:
Thank you Miguel & glad you liked the 'Western Swagger':)! Actually someone referred to it as a 'Texas Bar Room' Song too, either way glad you liked it:)!
09/04/10 11:51:18PM @paul-robert-thomas:
Cheers Rick & we're happy that we managed to create an 'American' sounding song & I tried with the 1st line "Like a broken horse ready for the saddle':)!
09/04/10 11:53:25PM @paul-robert-thomas:
Thank you Larry and I think that John has done a great job with the production on 'Falling Twins' and it's another song written for America & glad you appreciate it:)!


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