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Pete Tebar

Down The Rabbit Hole

genre: Rock
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I had posted this on here last year, but I took it down for personal reasons. Solos were all redone and mixed. Feel free to listen and enjoy Photo...
Down The Rabbit Hole
carol sue
01/18/19 05:55:00PM @carol-sue:
Nothing like hearing some great guitar playing!!
Excellence, Pete! *****

Pete Jon Tebar
01/16/19 02:13:25AM @pete-tebar:
Thank you Larry, Farrell, Frank, and Wricky, for taking time to listen. I am so glad you enjoyed it, and I am humbled by your kind words. There's more coming your way, so stay tuned \m/


01/15/19 08:19:01PM @wricky:
wow, a great listen here , calls to mind a little of all my fav players blended together like a super solo blanket of sweet guitar quiltwork ~cheers!
Farrell Jackson
01/15/19 10:34:49AM @farrell-jackson:
Some fantastic guitar playing Pete and the remix sounds excellent!


Frank Northcutt
01/14/19 08:01:18PM @frank-northcutt:
Excellent playing, and great tones.
Time signatures kept me on my toes. Nice work!

01/14/19 07:42:46PM @tlt50:
Superb guitar work Pete. Great arranging, performances, and songwriting. Production kick-ass also. *****. Kudos.
Larry T.


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