Pete Tebar
Pete Tebar
Pete Tebar

Washing My Sins

album: PCP - Paul Calcano Project
genre: Metal
streams: 22

Washing My Sins
03/13/20 11:26:32AM @cooter:
What a great tune. Pete, you have got the pipes, brother. Love the tune.
carol sue
01/26/20 09:36:56AM @carol-sue:
Perfect~ This shines so bright!!
Encore, please. BRAVO! *****

01/25/20 08:33:50PM @moquinn:
A powerful song & I have loved your voice ever since the first time I heard your music ~ I do believe that would be your song Stay ~ my all time favorite of yours ~ unfortunately, not on your Mix page ~ but, thankfully I had acquired this song years ago

tony cee
01/25/20 03:16:18PM @tony-cee:
love your voice pete , brilliant song great songwriting , super mix thumbs up from me .....cheers ....tony cee


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