It's Up To Us! - feat. Deri

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: Singer-Songwriter
streams: 21

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I have no problems I have no nagging doubts I have no anger Although I scream and shout I have no enemies No animosity I think about freedom And what its...
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Thought I'd try this simple, #piano version of my song written in August 2017. It has a strong, positive message about the need for #unity, #understanding...
It's Up To Us! - feat. Deri
02/15/19 05:51:18PM @phillipfoxley:
Much obliged Larry. It means the world to have comments like this.
02/15/19 05:46:08PM @tlt50:
Fantastic songwriting with incredible lyrics, vocals, musicianship, and production. I admire your piano playing very much. :)


02/15/19 11:42:28AM @phillipfoxley:
Thanks for your wonderful comment Carol. Keeps me going :-)
Best of luck with your own musical adventure.

02/15/19 11:40:59AM @phillipfoxley:
Really appreciate your comment Farrell. Thank you.
carol sue
02/10/19 09:56:10AM @carol-sue:
Melt the hearts of the listeners... ::sigh:: simply beautiful!
Very well written and wonderfully performed, Phillip.
Much enjoyed! ~Bravo!! *****

02/10/19 08:23:04AM @phillipfoxley:
Thanks for your great comment Frank, it really means a lot.
Frank Northcutt
02/10/19 07:52:11AM @frank-northcutt:
Wonderful song, Phillip, both musically and lyrically. The intimacy of the arrangement makes it all the more poignant. Excellent performance by both of you.
Farrell Jackson
02/09/19 06:05:57PM @farrell-jackson:
A fine song and message in the lyric Phillip and Deri. The solo piano and single vocal really gives this a personal, up-close vibe. Well done!


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