It's Up To Us! (rock version) - feat. Deri

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 20
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It's Up To Us.-------------------- I have no problems I have no nagging doubts I have no anger Although I scream and shout I have no enemies No...
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A simple Alt Rock song written in August 2017, with a strong, positive message about the need for unity, understanding and freedom in the world today....
It's Up To Us! (rock version) - feat. Deri
08/14/19 10:16:28AM @phillipfoxley:
Moe @moquinn, really appreciate your great comment and your words are the very reason I write and produce music. Thank you.
08/13/19 10:27:34PM @moquinn:
heard this tonight on MixPosure radio ~
just a sampling of a song here
this is so relevant to our times
as the phrase of yesteryear went - I can the lyrics
gotta have this (so, I will buy)
thanks for sharing your music & message

08/11/19 06:05:36PM @phillipfoxley:
Thanks for your great comment @carol-sue
carol sue
08/11/19 05:57:27PM @carol-sue:
Only heard the sample, and sure liked what I heard!
Love the positive lyrical message. Hearing lots of talent, too!


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