Promises - feat. Anna Yanova Cattoor

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: Singer-Songwriter
streams: 7
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Promises: I'm so tired of all your promisesAnd all the lies I've heard for so longNow it's time to change the situationAnd live my life for me and me aloneI...
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A sad song originally written in 2013 about a relationship destroyed by lies and deceit.  Vocals: Anna Yanova Cattoor Remastered Version: (PTF - Feb-2020)
Promises - feat. Anna Yanova Cattoor
01/26/20 09:33:20AM @phillipfoxley:
Thank you for your great comment @carol-sue. It really means a lot.
carol sue
01/26/20 09:21:18AM @carol-sue:
First few notes.. I knew this would be special.
Lovely vocal pulled me into the lyrics.
Beautiful sample of I'm sure a great song!
Bravo! *****


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