Promises - feat. Anna Yanova Cattoor

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: Singer-Songwriter
streams: 7
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  Song Lyrics
Promises: I'm so tired of all your promises And all the lies I've heard for so long Now it's time to change the situation And live my life for me and me...
  Song Information
A sad song originally written in 2013 about a relationship destroyed by lies and deceit.  Vocals: Anna Yanova Cattoor Remastered Version: (PTF - Feb-2020)
Promises - feat. Anna Yanova Cattoor
01/26/20 09:33:20AM @phillipfoxley:
Thank you for your great comment @carol-sue. It really means a lot.
carol sue
01/26/20 09:21:18AM @carol-sue:
First few notes.. I knew this would be special.
Lovely vocal pulled me into the lyrics.
Beautiful sample of I'm sure a great song!
Bravo! *****


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