Sail Away

album: Collaboration (Original)
genre: Irish Folk
streams: 95

  Song Lyrics
SAIL AWAY Chilled the morn' starvation plea The Sun doth rise no warmth to be Wrap the child we will weepSail oh sail away to sea Say good-bye and sing this...
  Song Information
Dear Friends, It is again, with great joy, I, Ulrik Kilstrom and Demelia Denton, present to you a new song - a beautiful collaboration - which we hope...
Sail Away
07/13/19 02:32:16AM @freudian-slip:
That's a thing of beauty. Superb vocals, sung with great clarity and feeling. Very high standard composition and not over laden with instrumentation. This is top class stuff. Well done.
02/11/14 04:12:56PM @piyali:
Dear Farrell, I just discovered why you cannot see it, because the color of the text is the same as the background! I am so sorry. I highlighted the space the info showed up! I am changing the color of the text and hopefully you'll be able to see it! Please do check again in a few minutes! :-)
02/11/14 04:10:51PM @piyali:
Dear Farrell, thank you so very much!

I just checked and the info is in there...I do not know why it is not showing??? I just checked myself and saw it there. Very strange...could you please check again? Thank you. :-)

Farrell Jackson
02/11/14 02:53:42PM @farrell-jackson:
Beautiful song and singing Piyali! I was looking for some info. on it but saw none....nonetheless beautifully done!


02/03/14 11:08:20AM @piyali:
My dear friend, coming from you this heart warming comment, means a lot. Thank you so very much! I am truly happy you like the various collaborations with my gifted friends, I share here with all of you. For me, I love collaborating with my talented wonderful friends. If the song offered to me with a request to sing it, speaks to me, I sing with true joy in my heart, as it is always an honor and a privilege to be a part of beautiful, collaborative, creative, processes/efforts. Thank you again, from our hearts! :-)
02/03/14 10:59:24AM @the-truevulgarians:
Very beautiful song. Dreamy and comforting tune. Piyali's vocals are outstanding! Must say, I've really enjoyed tunes somewhat outside of your typical genre. You are clearly a vocalist who can do it all. Congrats!


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