The Butterfly Boy

album: Original Collaboration
genre: Original Indie Pop
streams: 70

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The Butterfly Boy  Brave soldier, This could never be right You're getting older But there's no end in sight  Don't know why your life Fell on this...
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Dear friends, I am deeply grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to sing such a beautiful, sad and tender song written by my dear friend, Ed...
The Butterfly Boy
06/09/17 11:46:05AM @piyali:
Thank you very much dear Rusty, Jim and Ron for your warm words. A big heartfelt thank you to all of you from Ed Phoenix (lyrics), Billy Playle (music) and myself (vocals). Thank you!!
06/09/17 09:42:39AM @ronbowes:
Great production on this. Cool song and, of course, great vocals. A slight Kate Bush vibe on this.
11/22/16 01:05:59PM @piyali:

Thank you so much dear Dace! I appreciate the constructive criticism. I sang this song for a friend who wrote the lyrics and wished for me to sing. My friend Billy gave the music and I have immense respect for both of them. I gave it my best. Hugs! :)


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