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album: Collaboration
genre: Indie
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Support   Oh my love Everything’s an opportunity I love you Oh my love Everything’s an opportunity Sahara hu   Life is like a pot of gravy Cooked with...
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Dear Friends, It is with great joy and pleasure, I and my partner in music, Daryl Holden (a.k.a. Daryl Abyss), bring to you our single from our first...
Support (from album SUPPORT)
06/16/17 07:23:38PM @piyali:
@david-c-deal Thank you very much dear David. ots of love and respect to you.
06/16/17 06:22:53PM @david-c-deal:
aHhhh.. the title track.... the conclusion of the journey... Wonderful work .. both of you produced a true work of musical art, lyrical depth, beauty and hope.
06/15/17 09:44:05AM @piyali:
@fungus-dace-yates Thank you very much for all your thoughtful comments and support dear Dace. Sincerely appreciate it and am really grateful as well. Much respect and love to you.


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