There in the Cave

album: Collaboration
genre: Indie
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THERE IN THE CAVE Part 1 - pleistocene epoch IntroA NeanderthalYou were dark and smallThe men were unknownPale and tallOne took you by forceThen left...
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Dear friends, I have been asking myself, since I sang this song for my friend Donna Devine, who penned the powerful words, music by our friend, Billy...
There in the Cave
06/26/17 04:20:02AM @piyali:
@david-c-deal Thank you so much dear David.Unfortunately, I have no idea what Donna, who wrote the song, wants to do with it or whether she wants me to further participate in this project or whether she wants to do anything with it at all or not. I only sang this first one in what supposed to have had been a Trilogy and it had been an honor. I just like to keep all the songs I have sung together somewhere safe and so here it stays. I am very happy you ike it. Billy Playle did a brilliant job of the music no doubt. :)
06/26/17 02:28:18AM @david-c-deal:
I love the strongly classical orchestration and composition with your vocals Piyali. I assume the is going to be a full symphonic creation? Very cool.
06/23/17 03:02:09PM @piyali:
@farrell-jackson, thank you so very much dear Farrell! Is "Clan of the Cave Bear" a good book?
Farrell Jackson
06/23/17 02:12:42PM @farrell-jackson:
Very well done musical friends! Piyali you have a beautiful voice that still amazes me when I hear it. The lyric bring to mind the book "Clan of the Cave Bear" written by Jean M. Auel. I enjoyed the listen!



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