Born of Love

album: Original Collaboration
genre: Indie Blues/Rock
streams: 89

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Born of Love By Piyali Ganguly © All Rights Reserved 1/15/2028 I’m carried a way by waves of pain Drowned in this rain of sorrow...
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Dear friends, here is the latest song collaboration with the amazing guitarist/composer, Joseph Rodz! A true honor and a joy to collaborate with him. We hope...
Born of Love

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03/14/18 05:51:10PM @piyali:

Thank you so very much!

03/13/18 09:09:32AM @waveman:
fitting song of the week, gosh you have a beautiful voice, your work here reminds me of kate bush in a way.
03/08/18 12:30:20PM @piyali:
Thank you so very much from Joseph Rodriguez and myself! :)

03/08/18 12:26:32PM @blue-sahara:
Excellent! Each and every part of this song has been created with utmost care and thoroughness, so it seems. Love the vocals sitting on top of the bluesy guitars, the driving drums, and - that organ! Oh man! I really can see why it got the 'song of the week' award! Outstanding performances all over the place! Well deserved!
03/07/18 02:43:10PM @piyali:

Thank you so very much dear Larry and Carol! Very happy you like our collab. :)

carol sue
03/07/18 08:09:25AM @carol-sue:
Congratulations~ Song of the week (and more!)
I've listened 10 times, if not more.. really stunning performances
from you two. Beautiful song, just beautiful!! *****
~Bravo!! :)

03/06/18 06:31:47PM @tlt50:
Fantastic..........How amazing is this. :) Well done you two..J-Bro's tantalizing music, and you my dear, sing heavenly on this. Joseph and Piyali, this is MoJo, magic and wonderful music... Bravo *****

Larry T......

03/04/18 10:02:58AM @piyali:
@david-c-deal: Thank you so very much dear David. :)
03/02/18 07:52:51PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful work Joseph and Piyali.
03/02/18 09:28:32AM @piyali:
Dear Joseph, it has been an honor and a true joy for me to collaborate with you on this song. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and your kindness! You are a phenomenal guitarist and musician. I have the deepest respect for you. With gratitude and love, your friend, Piyali

03/02/18 08:43:26AM @josephrodz:
Thank you very much Piyali for making my little music shine thru hearts.
03/02/18 08:19:51AM @piyali:
Thank you so very much my dear friends. :)

carol sue
03/02/18 07:38:44AM @carol-sue:
Beautiful intro.. leads me right into a lovely listen!
Two amazing talents = this great song!! *****

03/02/18 07:34:49AM @ocr-boys-bobby-g:
this is great vocals & production of music
03/01/18 09:09:11PM @piyali:

Thank you very much from Joseph and myself! :)

03/01/18 06:19:42PM @fungus-dace-yates:
Beautiful...soul..my ears were smiling..:)
Farrell Jackson
03/01/18 03:52:12PM @farrell-jackson:
A soulful and moving blues Piyali and Joseph.......it's excellent in all ways!



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