Just Get Up

album: Original Collaboration
genre: Progressive Experimental
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Lyrics: Just get Up - Piyali Ganguly As our world turns sad decay and burns high on screens, pop pills and weightloss people addicted to chaos In high...
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Dear friends, I am thrilled to share a beautiful song, this time in collaboration with my amazing and dear music friend, Mwana Bermudes, from Mozambique....
Just Get Up
07/22/18 12:31:49PM @piyali:
@waveman: Thank you so very much! :)
07/22/18 12:14:38PM @waveman:
beautiful organic voice with the sweetest vibrato on the planet. fantastic spacey music and production, a perfect combination. geez I would love to have that voice on a song
07/18/18 07:25:10PM @piyali:
@farrell-jackson: Thank you so much Farrell, from both Mwana and myself. :)
Farrell Jackson
07/18/18 06:36:39PM @farrell-jackson:
A very easy on the ears song Piyali and Mwana…...great music and Piyali your lyrical message and voice rings clear as a bell.


07/16/18 10:34:45PM @piyali:
@carol-sue: Thank you so very much from Mwana and myself dear Carol. Love and hugs to you.
carol sue
07/16/18 09:49:38PM @carol-sue:
Beautiful, peaceful and enchanting!
Loved this~Bravo!!


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