Peace Meditation Canon in A minor

album: Collaboration
genre: Meditation
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The meditation sentence is composed of words from the Lyrian language, a language previously spoken on Earth 289,000 years ago and then again 13,500 years...
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Dear friends, it is my hope that you will enjoy this Salome Peace Meditation video. All information is given below the YouTube video I created. It has...
Peace Meditation Canon in A minor
02/25/19 10:33:58PM @piyali:
@carol-sue: Thank you so very much!
carol sue
02/22/19 08:25:54PM @carol-sue:
Peaceful and hauntingly beautiful!

02/22/19 02:02:21PM @piyali:
@tony-cee: Thank you so very much from Lise, her husband and I.
tony cee
02/22/19 01:26:07PM @tony-cee:
nice carming piece of work great vocals , love it …...tony cee


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