Deactivated my FB page

user image 2013-12-04
By: Piyali
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Deactivated my FB page

Dear Friends,

I have deactivated my FB page.

I am connected to many of you and your music here on Mixposure, as well as on You Tube, Sound Cloud, Fandalism and on Mix Cloud. 

Re: my Fandalism page, I am not sure if it will still be there for me, as it is conncted to FB, when FB automatically deletes my pages in a few days sine the deactivation. 

I hope, I can continue to stay connected to you and to your music,
the music of many of my friends, through this page on Mixposure too.  

I truly enjoy visiting your pages here and listening to your music/songs and reading your blogs. 

To the respected and admired DJs of the Mixposure Radio, I offer my heartfelt gratitude for always kindly including my songs in their shows. Thank you from my heart.

Much love, peace, gratitude and hugs ~

Piyali Smile


03/04/15 10:47:46AM @lkutsera:
Hi Piyali, I just found you hee on Mixposure. I love your voice and songs you have here very much. I may be on Vigs show tonight at 7pm he picked a tune of mine calle chicago smoke shop check it out if you are online tonight. The real reason I am contacting you is I would love to work on a tune with you if you have the time. Please feel free to check my profile here at mixposure. i hope we can chat soon..take care...Les


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