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@Jackson Slade, 05/30/15 08:24:35PM
Piyali...I never realized i wasn't following you here..An oversight, on my part, I'm sorry to say, but I'm here now, and all is well.
@Mach, 04/01/15 07:39:39AM
This award reflects the hard work and dedication of a true talent of excellence. Congrats Piyali!
@Elizabeth Storms, 03/10/15 08:17:49PM
You deserve all the accolades you have received. Nature Boy gave me chills. I love that song. Keep up the fine work!
@josephrodz, 03/05/15 05:27:14AM
Congrats Beautiful Lady,well deserved!
@vigwig, 03/04/15 03:07:23PM
Congratulations on your selection as Artist of the Month. I have some of your tunes downloaded for playing and play them now and then.
@reeker, 03/03/15 12:55:33AM
Congrats on being Artist of the Month!!! :)
@Barefoot Music, 10/18/13 01:02:49PM
Thank you so much Piyali for the follow and for your warm welcome to the mixposure family. You vocally take someone to another dimension, that is a sweet gift.
@sifu.blake, 10/17/13 09:55:22PM
Piyali Listening to you music I hear angels my friend from your heavenly voice OMG!! I sincerely love the tones emanating from you! The best female voice ever!
@Ron, 09/20/13 10:31:09PM
I'm proud to have you following my music, and I love yours. Peace, Ron :)
@WhereWolf, 09/17/13 08:53:59PM
Love your talents...:)
@don nivens, 09/03/13 12:33:48PM
Hi Piyali, I Still love your Beautiful Voice!!!