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Randy Gabel
Randy Gabel

Who Me?

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Who Me?
Gary Shukoski
05/15/20 06:54:49AM @gary-shukoski:
Randy Gabel
05/05/20 05:24:58PM @randy-gabel:
Thanks for the great comment and compliment. I will try to chime into the chat room
05/05/20 05:12:29PM @the-truevulgarians:
Yet another awesome rock instrumental... you're truly a guitar player's guitar player dude! Everything you put out is top-notch! Would be cool for you to stop by the chatroom some night and receive the accolades you so richly deserve "in person"!
Randy Gabel
05/04/20 10:48:45AM @randy-gabel:
Thanks Carol Sue, same goes for you my friend.
carol sue
05/04/20 05:08:32AM @carol-sue:
Yes, you! :)
Pure, undeniable talent!


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