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Randy Gabel
Randy Gabel

Hells Bell Bottoms

genre: rock
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Hells Bell Bottoms
Farrell Jackson
05/15/20 03:37:28PM @farrell-jackson:
I thoroughly enjoyed this one Randy. I'm a fan of classic blues rock guitar instrumentals and this one has plenty of style to keep it interesting....cool picking and bending!


Randy Gabel
05/15/20 09:25:39AM @randy-gabel:
Thanks Gary!
Gary Shukoski
05/15/20 06:25:00AM @gary-shukoski:
I always love coming to your page to hear new stuff! Great classic blues style riff to gel upon!
Randy Gabel
05/12/20 10:02:25AM @randy-gabel:
Thanks again CS
carol sue
05/12/20 03:58:39AM @carol-sue:
Another excellent one? Yeah! :)
You're on a roll my friend!
Keep them coming! *****


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