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Rich Mirro

Hello Hello

user image 2014-05-02
By: Rich Mirro
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Hello Hello

Just Wanted to say Hello im new to the site. Im very thankful for all the support here. lots of talented people on here. im looking foward to hearing the sounds. Cheers Rich Mirro 

11/20/14 09:34:05PM @mikestrat664:
My name is Michael Paul Stratton, and I am a funny hip hop music artist, please check out my funny songs for laughs, and giggles!
Rich Mirro
05/04/14 11:29:39AM @rich-mirro:
OK sounds good i was trying to get into the chat rooms the day it wasnt working for some reason
05/03/14 01:44:36PM @admin:
Hey Rich! Welcome to Mixposure. Feel free to check out the Radio shows and come into the Chat Room. This is a great way to meet other Mix members especially if you are looking to collaborate on some tunes!


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