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@vigwig, 10/18/16 03:26:06AM
I like your music, too. Your guitar playing up there in the stratosphere along with the host of the fine guitar players on this site. I love guitar playing and grew up with Chet Atkins and Jorgen Ingman; Santo & Johnny; the Ventures; Link Wray and Duane Eddy. I listened to everyone of your tracks posted and downloaded many of them. You will probably receive a message from mixposure for each one saying "for possible inclusion in his show." I can't play them all at once, of course, but I'll bust a gut playing some each show till I've played them all. I'll bet @MoQuinn heard the one she is referring to on my show, Vig's Place Show on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. vig
P.S. - Yep, 3-16-2016 was a Wednesday! How about that?
@MoQuinn, 03/16/16 10:23:57PM
Robert Hi! Love your music ~ heard one of your tracks tonight on MixPosure radio & I was hooked ~ came over to visit your page ~ listened to several tracks & posted a few on Facebook ~ I am not a musician but I love music & have become an avid fan & supporter of all the fine musicians on MixPosure ~ thanks for sharing ~ Maureen Quinn
@Abyss., 11/01/13 05:25:56AM
some great track here on your site ...
@BucTheGreat, 12/04/07 09:51:08PM
whats up rob!
any thing new to listen to, love your stuff!
@BucTheGreat, 04/08/06 11:13:56PM
Hey Robert

Good to see you here!!