Robin Work
Robin Work

It's Probably Me

album: Jiminy Jazz Suite
genre: Blues
streams: 248

It's Probably Me
Tricia C
04/16/18 05:50:15PM @tricia-crawford:
What a nice soft start and mellow feeling tune... and her vocals are so sweet... just a touch of jazz and the keys just stand out as the accent that is perfect with the whole package! I think this will be a great song for me to listen to as I am working.. just will chill me and make me move and groove too! Thanks so much! Very pretty tune!
02/08/17 02:40:08PM @steve-bramer:
Great voice. Cool tune. Criminally underappreciated genre (which you've mastered). And who's playing piano?
02/03/17 04:48:47AM @ronbowes:
Excellent. Super job!
04/29/12 12:02:33PM @hooyoosay:
Well, that's a great jazz voice and some superb singing here!
Also the trio behind deserve all compliments!



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