rodger christmann
rodger christmann
rodger christmann

Dr Julia

album: previously unreleased
genre: Acoustic
streams: 78

  Song Lyrics
Julia, Julia -You put me up when I was downJulia, Dr.Julia -I needed you - you were aroundYou gave me strength and helped me find a way - out of the dark...
Dr Julia
06/10/09 09:56:01PM @the-full-quid:
came back to hear again ....
Rob Grant
05/29/09 06:07:08PM @rayon-vert:
Much sentiment and feelings in the vocals.....You expressed the feel , very well. Really like the bass work in the song. Really liked the overall feel of the whole song......a little Beatlish, to me.....COOL!!

Blue Period Blues
05/29/09 04:46:15PM @ramperampe:
There must be something about that name...Julia...that inspires people to write beautiful songs...
05/29/09 04:16:29PM @the-full-quid:
nice song ,excellent acoustic guitar playing gorgeous tone .
05/31/09 04:39:13AM @mike-lynn:
Great song, I like the mood and overall arrangement. Your singing carries a glimpse of Collin Blunstone. Thanks for sharing / Mike
05/30/09 12:36:55PM @mark-reed:
this is a well crafted piece, the performance is superb, I can see this as a live number. The strings added a subtle depth for me, a very nice number well done


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