Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

In The End

album: Mix2014SongwritingMusicAward
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"InThe End" Lets lock up anyone who's different bury the keys and walk away we can eliminate the trouble they instigate no more trouble if we're all the...
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I realize that lately I've been writing some very morbid songs. Unfortunatly with everything going on in the world right now, these songs are what I feel the...
In The End
12/01/18 10:33:39AM @lorne-reid:
Love that guitar line!!! Hopefully people get the message and realize it's time to change.
11/07/14 12:43:56PM @ron-kauffman: always say such nice things about my songs and I'm grateful that I can count you as a friend. What makes me sad is that there's so much fodder to write songs like this. I do try to keep hope though :) TY as well for your nice comment on AOTM :)
Lyrical Princess
11/06/14 11:27:47PM @lyrical-princess:
Another Great song here, Ron. I love how you can write about life so flawlessly. I just read something the other day where a 90 year old man got arrested for feeding the homeless. It seems good is no longer allowed in this world. So sad.
Congratulations on AOTM. It is well deserved ,and it couldn't go to a kinder person.

11/06/14 06:37:17PM @ron-kauffman:
Thank you TV. Actually I had no clue I'm AOTM! Great surprise :)
11/06/14 06:00:31PM @the-truevulgarians:
Really nice job on this Ron. Like the music and the lyrics are fantastic. You've written a lot of keepers! Also Congrats for being selected as AOTM! Well deserved honor for sure! Keep 'em comin'!
11/01/14 03:43:04PM @ron-kauffman:
Thanks Farrell :)
Farrell Jackson
10/30/14 12:17:59PM @farrell-jackson:
A good song with some great words to go with it Ron.


10/29/14 07:43:54PM @ron-kauffman:
Thank you always your comments dig into the heart of any song. I'm honored that you consider me a poet as well as a songwriter.
10/29/14 07:30:42PM @david-c-deal:
A poet must write about the truth or they are not truly a poet in my opinion. Your song rings true as does your musical delivery.


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