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Ron Kauffman

All Gone

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All Gone
12/13/14 08:51:05PM @scotswolfe:
Very nicely done Ron.The lyrics tell a sad story and you really transfer that sadness to the listener.To be able to share the emotions of the person in the song and make them real to the listener is truly a great gift,and you have that gift for sure.whether the song is sad or a humorous one.Keep em coming Ron. :)
12/12/14 09:04:12PM @ron-kauffman:
Thanks you TV....your always very generous with your compliments. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the song :)
12/12/14 07:35:27PM @the-truevulgarians:
Yet another well written and thoughtful song Ron. Man, you just keep cranking them out. Really nice tune!


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