Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

Waking Up Is Enough

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"Waking Up Is Enough"     The best way I know to start my morning   is waking up   It doesn't matter if it's sunny or raining outside   waking up is enough...
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This is how I look at life everyday I've done an update on this. I rewrote parts of the lyric I felt weren't working as well as I like. I believe this new...
Waking Up Is Enough
10/25/15 10:46:49AM @saturated:
Hey Ron! heard this on fb this morning and loved it! Had to come over here and listen again. Its sunday morning.. just woke up. Got coffee.. perfect tune!
09/06/15 03:48:46PM @lodato:
Love the lyrics and melody Ron. So easy on the ears. A good tune to start the day with.
Farrell Jackson
09/03/15 10:32:00AM @farrell-jackson:
Good one Ron! Easy on the ears and easy on the mind.


09/02/15 11:29:13PM @david-c-deal:
Light hearted feel with an optimism which sounds good to me.


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