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I'd Do It Again

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"I'd Do It Again" V: What gives you the right to say I'm crazy what qualifies you to label me insane your ink blots and word games lame plots to pick...
I'd Do It Again
02/08/18 06:36:36PM @ron-kauffman:
My dear LP....that I'm crazy is without doubt. I kinda figure my bindings have to be unwrapped to write what I I'm very honored that you took time to comment and remind me that being crazy is and always will be a normal state of mind for me. As for being crazy cuz I'm your friend....vice versa....rofl! Actually I'd be crazy NOT to be friends with you. :) Lova ya....:)
Lyrical Princess
03/03/16 01:28:10PM @lyrical-princess:
OK...Enquiring minds would like to know ??? Lol
If you're interested, I'll give my version of my right to call you crazy... For starters, you'd have to be plumb out of your mind to be my friend.. !Although I enjoy your company :) ...I probably helped get you there... hahahaha ...Don't worry, I can vouch for you Ron. I know you're not outta your mind.. Whomever you're talking to is in there with yours, is playing with it.. I wonder who They'll think is crazy now ?? This is a very good song Ron. Love the lyric.. Of course I had to go there first. They were based on Crazy... LOL .. I'm glad I'm posting this after DcD, Or I'd be getting hauled off in a wrap around white jacket. And white really isn't my color. Excellent performance! You know, I enjoy your songs a lot because they are based on true life & I shouldn't make light of situations like this. But, just this once.. I couldn't help myself. People tell me I'm crazy all the time. Every once in a while I start to believe them. So goes life. Like Farrell said "Dark & Thought provoking". Genius

03/02/16 09:14:16PM @david-c-deal:
Interesting song though I'll have to write a song discussing the other side of the argument lol
03/02/16 04:30:47PM @ron-kauffman:
Thanks Farrell...that means a lot coming from you :)
Farrell Jackson
03/02/16 04:11:15PM @farrell-jackson:
A very good solo, singer songwriter song and performance Ron! The lyric is a dark state of mind yet very thought provoking. Enjoyed it the first listen and the second time as well and I'd do it again.



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