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"GodSpeak" I hear GodSpeakin waves crashing on a rocky shorewhen a songbird sings in the morningheralding the rising sunand I can hear GodSpeakon a soft...
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I wasn't going to upload this...but I would like to find someone willing to write and perform a guitar part to it. I'm also open to suggestions and collabs...
Barefoot Music
10/19/18 05:31:42AM @barefoot-music-group:
So happy Ron this song came to life. Bravo you my friend,.
08/19/18 05:03:31PM @ron-kauffman:
Wow...ty Carol...coming from you that's an incredible compliment and I'm very grateful. I'm happy you like this song and hopefully at some point I'll get it completed the way I hear it :)
carol sue
08/19/18 04:37:59PM @carol-sue:
Blessings right here~
Beautiful song, Ron...
An acoustic bliss!! ::sigh::



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