Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

When We Tell Ourselves Lies

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" When We Tell Ourselves Lies"

God's gonna save us
make everything alright
he's gonna jump in at the last moment
to help us see the light
Just like that the hate will stop
the war's will finally end
and we'll be living in paradise
until we blow it up again

It's time to face the truth most of us hide
it won't matter how hard he tries
How's God gonna save us
when we tell ourselves lies

It won't make any difference
if your black or if your white
A Jew, an Arab or a Christian
sure as day turns to night
fear and prejudice
will burn out in his light
and we'll all be living in harmony
until we start another fight


If we don't stop telling ourselves Lies
we might as well drop the bomb and watch the world die


Ron Kauffman/ ‎8/‎12/‎2014


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