Ellie May

album: No Retreat, Never Surrender
genre: Rock
streams: 109

  Song Lyrics
Ellie-May had pig-tailed hair Made the boys all stop and stare She looked innocent and sweet But chased the boys like a bitch on heat! They all wanna play...
  Song Information
Song about a flirty girl. Features Ray Brookes on blues harp.
Ellie May
Farrell Jackson
05/06/18 02:34:32PM @farrell-jackson:
I've returned to re-visit Ron's first post at Mixposure and I reiterate my original comments: "The song is a good one with some good chord changes. The cool touches of slide guitar and harmonica were perfect." A good first post Ron and then you followed up with 65 more rockers in 21 the!


Charlie Beige
06/19/17 06:40:14PM @charlie-beige:
Well this had me tappin' my toes and then the foot then the whole leg was going - what a fantastic riff your lyrics always suck me into the song as well - thanks Ron - you have a LOT of great songs. Elle May sounds soooo sweet
03/17/17 09:03:44AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for listening Trish abd ErnE. Glad you like my tale about this wayward girl :-)
03/17/17 07:24:09AM @erne:
Ron, I love a good storyline in a tune especially when the tune carries the story so well. Fun song all the way around.
09/06/16 09:09:20AM @ronbowes:

Thanks vig-wig. Ellie May Clampett was the inspiration, although song isn't actually about her. Thanks for listening ;-)

09/06/16 08:43:12AM @vig-wig:

ditto ditto ditto although i was expecting a song about Ellie Mae Clampett


09/06/16 07:09:40AM @ronbowes:

Hi Mo. Thank you very much. Great to chat yesterday. This is one of the tracks that Ray Brookes is on, playing blues harp.

09/05/16 10:29:23PM @moquinn:

Ditto to what Farrell-jackson wrote  as he is much more musically knowledgeable than I am ~ I just love music & am an avid fan & listener to my friends music - love the lyrics, lightheartedness  & what  a rockin' tune this is

09/01/16 04:46:02AM @ronbowes:

Thanks Farrell, Ray and Rusty. Yeah, Rusty. I am from the UK, so, forgive me for getting the genre crossed. Glad you like it.

Ray Brookes
08/31/16 03:43:08PM @ray-brookes:

Always liked this blues/rock song, Ron. Nice slide playing and well produced.

Farrell Jackson
08/31/16 12:23:56PM @farrell-jackson:

I like the light hearted lyric Ron. The song is a good one with some good chord changes. The cool touches of slide guitar and harmonica were perfect. Nice one!



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