Bounty Hunter

album: I am Bulletproof
genre: Americana
streams: 56

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My pistol's fully loaded My horse is ready to ride All you deperados, can run, but you can't hide. Sleep with one hand on my pillow, one hand on my gun....
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A song about a Bounty Hunter. Inspired by the spaghetti westerns of the 60s.
Bounty Hunter
Martin Valins
08/14/18 08:41:57PM @martin-valins:
Another awesome track from this amazing rock musician who is both a true and dedicated artist and a real nice guy - Proud to comment on his great work ! Rock On Ron !
09/17/16 11:29:09AM @mach:

I'm diggin' that Southern, swampy feel on the intro. Great tune and guitar tone on that slide. The life of a Bounty Hunter is no easy gig. Good Job!


09/12/16 05:06:42AM @ronbowes:

Thankyou very much Tricia, Dave and David for visiting my page. Much appreciated ;-)

09/11/16 09:57:36PM @david-c-deal:

I really enjoyed the unusual vocals... especially the lower male harmonies. They help give the song a unique, other world feeling. Very nice.

Dave W
09/11/16 08:57:19PM @dave-w:
Great feel to this tune! I love the vibe!
09/11/16 05:05:46PM @ronbowes:

Thankyou very much Dace. I am glad you liked it and very flattered That you are spreading the word for me. I owe you a drink ;-)


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