Stella's Aunt

album: I am Bulletproof
genre: Rock
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There's a girl, called Stella, goes to my school Pretty as a picture on the shelf I've been going out for weeks with Stella She doesn't know that I love...
Stella's Aunt
03/21/19 06:55:16PM @moquinn:
as always I love your humor & lyrics
3 years later & still loving this one
thanks for the smiles & all your great music

Charlie Beige
06/19/17 06:16:01PM @charlie-beige:
Oh yeah i really enjoyed this - love the music side of things but really like the humor as it fits so well and that isn't always easy to do. Lots of fun thanks. The guitar rhythm sound is so cool
Doug Dickens
01/20/17 05:33:39PM @doug-dickens:
Enjoyed this with smiles all around. Tuesday's showcase calls this one in.
12/17/16 02:17:34PM @ronbowes:

Thanks Toni and thanks Farrell for taking the time out to listen to this song. Appreciate the support ;-)

Farrell Jackson
12/17/16 10:05:13AM @farrell-jackson:

Ron I heard this on JAE's Mix Radio show and I've been meaning to get over here and here I am and this is one cool song! I like the clean guitar and vocal production. The lyric is quite a story about the older woman, lol. The main guitar octave riff is a very catchy hook. Nicely done Ron!


Barefoot Music
12/16/16 10:09:37AM @barefoot-music-group:

Saw the title and my mind went to Stella Artois.....can't explain why.

Anyway....Does Stella's Aunt know this?  ;)

12/14/16 07:56:10AM @ronbowes:

Thankyou very much David and Rusty. Glad you liked my tale of Stella's Aunt. ;-)

12/13/16 05:00:15PM @david-c-deal:

Your lyrics make me laugh. Nice work.


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