If You Don't, then the Devil Will

album: Two Fingers of Red-Eye
genre: Southern Rock
streams: 60

  Song Lyrics
Back on the farm I've been working all day Out in the fields I've been bayling hay Come on Sally-Anne to the barndance tonight Please say you will. Please...
If You Don't, then the Devil Will
09/04/17 02:12:29PM @david-c-deal:
I love this change of pace for you Ron. The lyric hook is really clever. Well done, well done.
09/04/17 10:08:45AM @ronbowes:
Thanks farrell and Bamil. I did enjoy doing this barndancer
Bamil Music
09/03/17 09:45:29AM @bamil:
Excellent, great swing and rhythmic. Very unique vocals, great vibratos and the slides, you have a Top chart track. Love it!!!
Farrell Jackson
08/31/17 07:57:16PM @farrell-jackson:
Very cool Southern Rocker Ron! Good driving beat and fine guitar. Also I like your vocals! Another highlight is Sally Anne's devilish picture, lol!



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