album: Two Fingers of Red-Eye
genre: Halloween 2017
streams: 42

  Song Lyrics
Wander to the kitchen Pour myself a brew Think about the future What am I to do? I look outside my window pane At the mindless human drones Just like lambs...
  Song Information
About loss of identity and the ever nearing zombie apocalypse.....
carol sue
09/18/17 12:12:03PM @carol-sue:
Just watched the video this morning!
Bowes, you're over the top of being a cool, creative guy, and an awesome entertainer!
Fantastic, fun tune which I much enjoyed! :)

Farrell Jackson
09/17/17 02:06:13PM @farrell-jackson:
I bought insurance against the looming Zombie Apocalypse Ron, lol. This would make a great entry for the Mixposure 2017 Halloween Songs. A good one!


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