Down and Dirty

album: Two Fingers of Red-Eye
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 39

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Well we're out on the streets And we're looking for some girls to meet Yeah we know what we need Wanna dance to a rocking beat And the radio is playing Some...
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This has been remixed and is the opening track on my album "Two Fingers of Red-Eye" - Says what it does on the tin. I play all the guitars and do all the...
Down and Dirty
Farrell Jackson
10/16/17 11:00:42AM @farrell-jackson:
It's about time you had a new one Ron, lol! I've heard hints of T-Rex in your music before but I hear the Tommy Bolin timbre and phrasing loud and clear in your vocals on this song (a compliment). But without a doubt it's all Ron Bowes here. A good one cousin!



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