I Want My Heart Back (Feat. Carol Sue & Trevor Thornton)

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genre: Rock
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I WANT MY HEART BACK CS: You've hurt me once again We're heading for a break-up RB: This time we've gone too far, There's no way we can make-up...
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So this time around I wrote the song, Carol Sue provided the lead vocals with her great style and Trevor Thornton kindly drummed for us. Hope you like our...
I Want My Heart Back (Feat. Carol Sue & Trevor Thornton)
03/07/18 07:12:21PM @ronbowes:
Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. I enjoyed working on this one and working with two such talents as Carol Sue and Trevor Thornton was the icing on the cake. Thanks again CS. On to the next one.....
carol sue
03/07/18 08:05:14AM @carol-sue:
Thank you all for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts!
Ron Bowes~ thanks for inviting me to sing-along with your cool rocker,
sure had a lot of fun!! Special treat to have Trevor add his live drums!!
You guys rock~ and I love that!! ;)

03/06/18 04:01:48PM @tlt50:
Ron and Carol....loved the trading of verses between you two. Music is stellar Ron, well played and produced. Carol, your vocals were perfect for the groove and vibes of the tune. Awesome collab' , keep the music flowing... :)

Larry T

03/06/18 01:07:26PM @shane:
you captured a real flesh and blood atmosphere in this Ron and Co. It's great to hear Carol , also, a cool title and lyric theme.
Farrell Jackson
03/06/18 10:28:26AM @farrell-jackson:
Great collaboration on this song Carol Sue and Ron! The duet singing works real good. Trevor's "real" drumming fills the bill perfectly. Nicely done people!


03/06/18 06:30:24AM @josephrodz:
Great sound and production, Carol always rocks & Trevor kikazz too!


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