Get on the Bus (Feat. Fred White)

album: All the World's a Cage TBC
genre: Rock
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DirtPile is Ron D Bowes & Fred White Thanks to my friend Fred for getting back together with me for this track.
Get on the Bus (Feat. Fred White)
03/09/18 06:08:19PM @tlt50:
Amazing....your songwriting skills blow me away. KIllar' rockin' tune... excellent vocals and music, Fred is an incredible addition to your music, Mate... :)


carol sue
03/09/18 12:34:33PM @carol-sue:
So great you connected with your friend again for this
much awaited, energy filled, fantastic finish!!
Much enjoyed this rocker!! Cheers~ I dig it!! ;)

Don't go far on that bus, you're friends here would miss you. :-D

03/09/18 12:22:05PM @ronbowes:
Thank ya kindly cousin Farrell. Yes, that's Fred on drums.
Farrell Jackson
03/09/18 11:59:45AM @farrell-jackson:
Ron the Rockin' Robot (DirtPile) does it again with another rockin' toon! Does Fred White play the drums? The drums sound real good!



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