Get on the Bus (Feat. Fred White)

album: All the World's a Cage TBC
genre: Rock
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DirtPile is Ron D Bowes & Fred White Thanks to my friend Fred for getting back together with me for this track.
Get on the Bus (Feat. Fred White)

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03/09/18 06:08:19PM @tlt50:
Amazing....your songwriting skills blow me away. KIllar' rockin' tune... excellent vocals and music, Fred is an incredible addition to your music, Mate... :)


03/09/18 01:18:33PM @fungus-dace-yates:
Absolute rock! Wild energy! Rootsy and raw. There is magic in this that is hard to put to words. The word ROCK really helps in that. Killer vocal Ron! And the boys are jammin ass! Great riff there bud! Super dig the vocal take. I say it rocks! Would have to cut it live in studio...very cool vibe bud!
carol sue
03/09/18 12:34:33PM @carol-sue:
So great you connected with your friend again for this
much awaited, energy filled, fantastic finish!!
Much enjoyed this rocker!! Cheers~ I dig it!! ;)

Don't go far on that bus, you're friends here would miss you. :-D

03/09/18 12:22:05PM @ronbowes:
Thank ya kindly cousin Farrell. Yes, that's Fred on drums.
Farrell Jackson
03/09/18 11:59:45AM @farrell-jackson:
Ron the Rockin' Robot (DirtPile) does it again with another rockin' toon! Does Fred White play the drums? The drums sound real good!



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