Molly's Brolly

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genre: Indie
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As "Sweet Miranda" proved very popular, even though it was outside my usual rock, I thought I would try another track in a similar vein. I hope you enjoy...
Molly's Brolly
02/10/19 07:35:15PM @ronbowes:
Much obliged @tony-cee bro. ;-)
02/10/19 07:33:39PM @ronbowes:
Ever so kind @tlt50 . You are a cool dude
02/10/19 07:32:39PM @ronbowes:
Thankyou @carol-sue - my pArtner in cRhyme ;-)
tony cee
02/10/19 01:55:20PM @tony-cee:
another great song ron fantastic lyrics , love it I agree with Farrell , got a bit of ray davies in there …...tony cee
02/10/19 12:16:13PM @tlt50:
I was hooked from the very beginning. Your songwriting skills are awesome, Ron. Lyrics and vocals are way too cool. Another superb tune for your ever-growing catalog. :) *****
carol sue
02/10/19 10:06:17AM @carol-sue:
Molly's Brolly~ is so jolly!! :)
Catchy, happy tune from one of Mixposure's finest!!
I so much adore your music.. and you!!

Bravissimo! ***** ✌️🤩

02/10/19 09:49:48AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for listening and commenting Farrell, cuz. Yes, a brolly is an umbrella ;-)
Farrell Jackson
02/10/19 09:35:57AM @farrell-jackson:
A fun song Cuz Ron.....I hear a bit of Ray Davies vibe in the melody and vocals.....all good to my ears! I'm thinking a brolly is another word for umbrella...... or does it have another meaning ? :o)


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