Why Me (feat. Carol Sue)

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genre: Rock
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~Why me~ I was in a room full of strangers, feeling low and at my wits end..3 people approach me, and said they wanted to pray for me.Why me, only me, of...
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Carol Sue has been a tad busy recently (as have I), but we manged to sneak this track in
Why Me (feat. Carol Sue)
carol sue
03/13/19 07:35:21AM @carol-sue:
You rock, spacebud! Thanks for listening.
'Twas a day to write about, for sure.

@ronbowes Thanks again for your rockin' music!! ;)

03/12/19 10:12:10AM @david-c-deal:
Fine lyrics that tell an interesting story with a personal, intensely emotional slant. good work friends.
carol sue
03/11/19 08:48:36AM @carol-sue:
Love making music with you, Bowes~ thank you again!
I keep having dreams about these people.. and that day.
Thanks for providing the music for me to write about it... you're awesome!! ;)

03/11/19 07:34:25AM @ronbowes:
Thanks to @tony-cee @farrell-jackson @gary-hart @lorne-reid and, of course, to the talented @carol-sue
carol sue
03/10/19 11:34:20AM @carol-sue:
***** Bravo, my friends! ;)
@ronbowes @tony-cee @farrell-jackson @gary-hart @lorne-reid

tony cee
03/09/19 02:47:59PM @tony-cee:
super tune ron super vocal and lyrics carol sue , thumbs up from me .....tony cee
Farrell Jackson
03/09/19 09:55:40AM @farrell-jackson:
I agree this is a bit different from your normal sound but a cool change here. Well done Ron and Carol Sue....pArtners In cHryme rock !
03/08/19 07:56:26PM @gary-hart:
Nice track you lyrics and vocal work Carol!! 😎👍
03/08/19 10:38:39AM @lorne-reid:
Cool change up you two! Interesting vibe throughout. Cool lyrics and vox Carol!!! Keep em comin!!!


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