Sugar and Spice (feat. Kathy Shortt and Ray Brookes) Remastered

album: Single
genre: Rock and Roll
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Originally released on the "Bad Man Walking" album and under the band name of "Kathy & the Shortt-List". Thought I would dust this one off, make minor...
Sugar and Spice (feat. Kathy Shortt and Ray Brookes) Remastered
05/01/19 06:00:21AM @ronbowes:
Thanks to @carol-sue @tony-cee and @farrell-jackson for the kind comments
Farrell Jackson
04/30/19 10:34:23AM @farrell-jackson:
A good move to re-release this rocker Cuz. It deserves to be heard!
carol sue
04/29/19 07:48:05PM @carol-sue:
You're welcome!
Took this for another spin.
Really sounds great!! :)

04/29/19 07:14:47PM @ronbowes:
Thank ya kindly @carol-sue and @tony-cee . I felt this track deserved a polish and re-release
tony cee
04/28/19 01:10:13PM @tony-cee:
wow love this great vocals and all round production , another great song ron , love the harp i assume played by ray , brilliant stuff could listen all day .....cheers ...tony cee
carol sue
04/28/19 10:18:52AM @carol-sue:
I love this song!!
Sugar and spice.. and yes, everything nice!
Excellent remastering! (crank this up!!)
Big Bravo!! ***** :)


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