Sinful Woman

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genre: Blues
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Was playing around on the acoustic and came up with a riff that I fancied turning into a blues song with slightly different tilt.
Sinful Woman
05/25/19 07:33:43AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @farrell-jackson and @carol-sue for listening to my blues song. Much obliged ;-)
Farrell Jackson
05/20/19 10:53:49AM @farrell-jackson:
I heard part of this on Larry T's Wednesday show last night so I headed over to give it a proper, complete listen this morning. The harp sits in the mix well as does your acoustic slide work. A cool bluesy swagger and tone to your vocals Cuz. I like it!
carol sue
05/20/19 09:00:09AM @carol-sue:
Another fabulous tune, Ron Bowes!! *****
I think we all may have met those sinful one's..
Happy you can let it out in a song!! :)


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