As Far As The Eagle Flies - Feat. Carol Sue

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genre: Alternative Rock
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I have been watching a marathon of westerns and have been inspired to write some western themed tracks. This time I wanted to write something with a Native...
As Far As The Eagle Flies - Feat. Carol Sue
07/14/19 04:43:53AM @keithsmusic:
You are very welcome. Keep up the great work
carol sue
07/13/19 08:00:07PM @carol-sue:
Thanks for taking this song out for a flight!
@keithsmusic, @tony-cee, @freudian-slip
Loved rockin' this with you~ @ronbowes :)

07/13/19 03:04:19AM @freudian-slip:
Great song. I love to hear something a little left field like this. Nice composition and performance. Vocals are superb. Reminds me of Joan Osborne but a little more distinctive. Great work guys.
07/07/19 07:03:30AM @ronbowes:
Thankyou @keithmusic and @tony-cee from Carol Sue and me. ;-)

Great teaming up again @carol-sue

tony cee
07/06/19 04:12:53PM @tony-cee:
great song ron /carol sue , superb vocals carol sue , fantastic backing ron , fantastic , worth another listen …...yony cee
07/05/19 01:43:09AM @keithsmusic:
Interesting. I live this a lot.
carol sue
07/04/19 11:02:31AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for yet another cool flight in music, Bowes! :)


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