Every Dog Has Its day

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genre: Rock and Roll
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Another rock and roller. I have enough for a new album with tracks to spare. Now the task of whittling it down to the best tracks.....
Every Dog Has Its day
08/05/19 04:38:32AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @becoming-ashes @farrell-jackson and @carol-sue for taking time to listen and comment ;-)
carol sue
08/02/19 07:57:55AM @carol-sue:
Classic Bowes style packed with lots of cool energy
from one talented guy! *****

Farrell Jackson
08/01/19 02:15:56PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool Stones-ish blues vibe cuz Ron. Real good separation and clarity and here comes the vocal hook "Every dog has it's day"....nice! What's the name of the new album?
Becoming Ashes
08/01/19 09:59:10AM @becoming-ashes:
Cool Ronbo!!! Classic Bowes Rockin tune.


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