Can't Outrun Your Shadow (Feat. Farrell Jackson)

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genre: Rock
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Can’t Outrun Your Shadow There’s no full circle for you, keep lookin’ over your shoulder What’s done is done, you’re just a little older Not that your...
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Can't Outrun Your Shadow: Jackson - Bowes Farrell Jackson : Vocal melody& lyrics; all vocals, main keyboard. Ron D Bowes : Music; all guitars, bass,...
Can't Outrun Your Shadow (Feat. Farrell Jackson)
08/11/19 06:08:59PM @lorne-reid:
Right rockin!! Hopefully the first of many more to come!!!
carol sue
08/11/19 06:01:35PM @carol-sue:
The spotlight shines on you two!
Killer tune from the cool cuz' team!! *****
::encore:: :)

Farrell Jackson
08/11/19 05:06:57PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for the invite to collab on this song cuz Ron! You did a fine job of playing your parts and mixing/mastering it...thanks again!


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