Ross Elliott
Ross Elliott

Big Bang

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genre: Christian Rock
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Originally tracked 03/06-5/06 Remastered with backup/harmony vocals 06/26/06
Big Bang
10/05/08 02:04:57PM @vesa:
Never too late. Love the 12-string. Fine percussives. Good sound mix. Fine vocals. Like the lyrics; meaningful. The instruments are all well in their placement. Very nice harmonies. Great catchy tune. Love the guitar work. Nice pause there for the acoustic. Fine arrangement. Good interchnage in singing; good solo-fine tone.
Love this tune. Keep it up. GREAT PRODUCTION.
GREAT! -Your fan & friend. -Vesa.

bass man B
03/19/08 01:52:45PM @morgenside:
i really enjoyed this track it was greaqt to sit back and chill to while i was working so good job.
12/14/07 11:00:35PM @markm:
I can find nothing wrong with this. Very original and inspiring. Good song and good production.


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