RS Cain
RS Cain
RS Cain


album: Bad Choices Make Good Stories
genre: Funk/Rock
streams: 45

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Hear the spinnersWe're all winnersWhere's the border patrol?Morning twittersGives you the jittersChaos is the new way to rollClimbs a tall tree to lieWhen...
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Just my opinion, we all have them.... A song from my upcoming CD of originals "Bad Choices Make Good Stories".
05/07/18 08:36:04PM @cooter:
Every time you spread the funky paste, I get stuck. You, good sir, are dripping funk and class.
Michael Stone
05/07/18 04:45:34PM @michael-stone:
Great to hear from you again !
carol sue
05/02/18 07:19:37AM @carol-sue:
Look who's back in the house!! :)
Another awesome tune to add to that big collection of hits!
RS Cain~ great to hear you again, my friend. Great song!!

Hope to see you in the radio chat show in celebration of Mixposure's 10th year (can you believe that!)
May 19th.


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