RS Cain
RS Cain
RS Cain

Outside Woman Blues

album: Covered In Comfort
genre: Blues/Rock
streams: 31

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If you lose your money Great God don't lose your mind If you lose your money Great God don't lose your mind And if you lose your woman Please don't fool...
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Want to have some fun? Spend a couple of days recording one of your favorite old Cream classics! Trying to program drums like Ginger Baker is a hoot!...
Outside Woman Blues
Gary Dabrowski
08/04/18 07:01:49PM @gary-dabrowski:
Mom said to me just before my 14th birthday...we got you a ticket to see that band you like so much for your birthday 'The Creams' (no, I didn't misspell it)...that was at Madison Square Garden...liked your version of OWB too...
Farrell Jackson
06/20/18 12:33:01PM @farrell-jackson:
Cream was always playing in my pickup's 8 track stereo...….I'm getting some great memories listening to this. Ginger Baker did bring some interesting drumming techniques to the Cream's songs. A fine cover Mr. Cain !
06/19/18 08:51:24PM @dirtzilla:
This is some serious Blues going on here. Thank you for sharing you great work. I Love The Blues.


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