RS Cain
RS Cain
RS Cain

Smoking Gun

album: Covered In Comfort
genre: Blues/Rock
streams: 24

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I get a constant busy signal When I call you on the phone I get a strong uneasy feeling You're not sitting there alone I'm having nasty nasty visions And...
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The last of the songs on my cover album, a classic by Robert Cray. A few of you may have heard this before but it's been remixed and remastered. As always,...
Smoking Gun
Farrell Jackson
07/15/18 01:55:51PM @farrell-jackson:
I dug it by Robert Cray and I dig it by RS Cain ! A great cover.
07/14/18 06:49:58PM @buddrumming:
Rockin Tune! luv it... thx, Bud


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